BBC Internship 2013

Beacon Baptist

 During the summer of 2013, I was privileged to intern at Beacon Baptist Church of Burlington, NC. I have been attending Beacon from September 2006 to the present and have been a member since the spring of 2011. Beacon has existed since 1973, when Greg Barkman and his wife, Marti, were asked to Pastor a small group of people that were meeting in E.M. Holt elementary school. This passed May, Beacon celebrated of not only being a church for 40 years, but an even greater feat of having the same Pastor for those 40 years. The Times News wrote an article to commemorate the 40 years of the church. Beacon’s website can be found here.

As part of my internship, I was taught the basics of preaching a sermon, and then I prepared and delivered a sermon on Ephesians 2:1-10. That sermon will be split into three different blog posts, and will be added soon. Links will be provided to those posts.


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