UNC Spring ’16 Update

Screenshot 2016-02-15 19.54.28.pngBeginning of 2016

The  beginning of 2016 for the college ministry at FBC Durham has been a wonderful time of continuation and transition in the ministry. Kyle Mercer, my boss and the College Ministry Director for the past three years, moved on to plant a church Two Cities Church in Winston-Salem, NC. This has been a huge transition for me as I have more leadership and responsibilities for the college ministry as a whole, not just the UNC side of the ministry.

Screenshot 2016-02-15 19.39.22

This semester, we are taking the College Ministry through the book of Acts.
We are focusing the attention of the students on the importance of being evangelistic as we teach and lead them in missional thinking on their campuses. As we move through the Book of Acts, we are bringing to light the blessings and power of the Holy Spirit that enabled the apostles and Early Church to do amazing acts, no matter what opposition faced the spread of the Gospel.
The focus on missions and evangelism this semester is intended for more than the campus. We are molding and forming our minds and our lives with the nations in view, just as God has the nations in view. This summer, we are taking one team of around 10-12 students to two locations in East Asia for two weeks. This trip is going to enable the students to experience and take part in over seas work, see the gospel advance and work in a different culture as well as connect the students personally with some of our workers in East Asia.

I had the privilege of meeting several international students and medical professionals last week. One of these new friends is Tom, a Dutch Medical researcher in his 1st year of a three year medical Masters Degree Exchange program. We met at an international coffee hour event on February 8, 2016. We grabbed a cup of coffee that Thursday and talked for about 2 hours about many things. I shared my testimony with him, and the difference between ‘growing up Christian’ and truly becoming a Christian. Coming from Holland he did not realize someone ‘became’ a Christian. He himself is nonreligious. He does not see the need for God and thinks that he has lived his 25 years of life without God, and therefore does not need God in the rest of his life. We left our conversation with a new friendship although he said, “i am nonreligious and I will never become religious.” Two things I thought of immediately 1) you don’t know my God 2) Lord please save him

This semester I have been meeting weekly with Patrick, Stenn, Mark and Josh, all of whom are believers. I also have continued to meet with Griffin as we study through Mark’s Gospel. These times studying God’s Word have been encouraging as I see these students grow in their love for the Lord and as the Lord sanctifies me as well in holiness and love for Him.

Prayer requests:

  • Students would be gripped with a love for the nations
  • Nate, the NC State Intern, and I would lead the entire ministry well through prayer, teaching the Word, and evangelism
  • Students I meeting with Patrick, Mark, Joh and Stenn to continue to grow in their love of Jesus and missional living
  • Griffin to recognize his need of Christ and surrender to his Lordship
  • Tom, Dutch Med researcher
    • Continued Spiritual Conversations
    • Salvation
  • Several students in Mark’s dorm, Joyner, have been expressing interest in Spiritual things, Xiao (pronouncer like shower, minus the -er), Brian, & Mike. Pray for increased interest and opportunities to share the Gospel with them and their salvation
  • East Asia Trip
    • Logistics
    • Spiritual Maturity of the team
    • Unity
    • The Lord would be working in East Asia before we get there

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